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Latest Improvements to Conjoint Simulator

We have made some changes to the conjoint simulator tool to make running preference share simulations easier than ever before.

Drag and drop products and scenarios

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to easily move scenarios and SKUs within a worksheet and share them between worksheets. Dealing with many SKUs is now a much easier experience – simply drag-and-drop SKUs inside the simulator.

Drag and drop in simulator

Added support for SKU groups: Under “Advanced settings”, create a group of concepts from a particular scenario and then easily move them between scenarios and worksheets.

The aim of these improvements is to speed up the process of creating simulation scenarios. We’ve noticed when working with a large number of SKUs, our clients needed an agile solution to quickly duplicate and populate products and scenarios. This comes handy when you have a consistent baseline across multiple scenarios of introducing NPDs.

Adding a group of concepts in simulator

New volume, revenue, profitability display options

Duplicate volume, revenue, price calculations (VRP): You can now create and duplicate VRP calculations and apply them across various worksheets using the “Duplicate calculations” feature under the VRP settings drop-down menu, or by hovering over the worksheet title and clicking the “Copy” button.

Display revenue and market share totals: We have made our VRP charts more accessible by adding revenue totals and market share totals options. Select “Show as totals” under the VRP display settings to calculate the total revenue for each scenario. Selecting “Show as share of total” will transform projected revenue share into a calculation for market share.

Displaying revenue projections on simulator chart

Show competitor prices: For a more comprehensive interpretation of price elasticity charts, our display settings now allow you to “Show competitor prices”. Enabling this option will display competitor prices on the price elasticity curve.

Displaying competitor prices on simulator chart

Choose number display: You can also toggle between showing or hiding graph numbers for clearer visual representation if required.

Displaying numbers on simulator chart

Let us know how you find the simulator's updated features

We value your feedback and want to hear what feature you want to have in the simulator itself and other research tools.

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