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Criticisms and counter-criticisms of Kano model

What is wrong with Kano model?

Research tools 20 June 2022

What is wrong with Kano model? We address five criticisms of Kano and show how to work through them. View article

Sampling and data checking more efficiently

How to perform smart sampling and data checking?

Research tools 25 May 2022

With 10,000+ projects performed on the platform, market research experts have compiled common concerns regarding sampling and data checking and provide their suggestions. View article logo

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A better alternative to simultaneous feature selection and pricing optimisation testing

Should you run pricing and feature selection in one conjoint study?

Research tools 8 March 2022

While performing feature selection and pricing optimisation in one experiment may seem like a good idea, it may result in increased complexity and costs compared to multi-stage research. View article

Feature Placement Matrix Calculator

Feature Placement Matrix Calculator

Research tools 12 January 2022

Try out and generate a Feature Placement Matrix within seconds by uploading your own data set. Let's get started! View article

Random effect models with lmer function in R

Research tools 19 August 2021

Random effects are everywhere in survey data. Let's try to do appropriate modelling for them in R! View article

Monadic Testing

What is Monadic Testing and How to Use It?

Research tools 6 January 2021

Monadic testing lets respondents review individual concepts one-by-one. By focusing participants' attention on one stimulus at a time, it delivers actionable deep-dive results for product and pricing decisions. View article

Kano Model of Feature Selection

Kano Model of Feature Selection (with Free Excel Template)

Research tools 22 October 2020

The Kano Model is used to analyse consumer preferences for different features and group features into multiple categories. This helps product managers to prioritise development efforts. View article

Choosing the right market research platform

Choosing the Right Market Research Platform

Research tools 27 September 2020

Find the market research platform that works best for your business by following this helpful guide. View article

Writing a Market Research Report

Writing a Market Research Report: 5 Top Tips

Research tools 18 September 2020

Writing a market research report is a tough skill to master. Read our 5 top tips to get you started for writing a successful market research report. View article

How to Develop Likert Scale Questions

How to Develop Likert Scale Questions

Research tools 7 September 2020

Learn to write and develop effective Likert scale questions using tips from this best practice guide. View article

Market Research Glossary

Market Research Glossary

Research tools 14 August 2020

Our market research glossary defines some key terms relating to a range of industry concepts. Learn some new consumer research lingo from basic research concepts to more advanced and technical definitions. View article

Sample Size Calculator

Sample Size Calculator

Research tools 15 July 2020

We've answered your questions about sample size in this handy guide. Use our new sample size calculator to get the right sample size for your next survey. View article

Conjoint analysis segmentation

How to Do Segmentation (subgroup analysis)?

Target audience Research tools 7 July 2020

Learn how to do segmentation on the platform with this visual guide. View article

Busting Market Research Automation Misconceptions

Busting Market Research Automation Misconceptions

Research tools 30 June 2020

Market research automation creates time and cost efficiencies but there are misconceptions surrounding its use. We explore the truth behind these myths. View article

4 Ways Behavioural Segmentation Aids Marketing

4 Ways Behavioural Segmentation Aids Marketing

Target audience Research tools 17 June 2020

Behavioural segmentation helps you understand how consumers make purchasing decisions. Learn how it benefits your product development and marketing efforts. View article

Best Data Collection Methods for Quantitative Research

Best Data Collection Methods for Quantitative Research

Research tools 15 June 2020

We explore quantitative data collection methods’ best use, and the pros and cons of each to help you decide which method to use for your next quantitative study. View article

Leading an Innovative Survey Panel Platform Provider

Leading an Innovative Survey Panel Platform Provider

Target audience Research tools 11 June 2020 sources quality respondents for your survey platforms such as Cint. Learn more from Jessica Murdoch VP of Sales and Customer Success ANZ at Cint. View article

Market Research Brief Template

Writing a Successful Market Research Brief

Research tools 28 May 2020

A good market research brief helps agencies lead successful projects. Learn what to include and how to write a detailed brief with our template guide. View article

How to Select Statistics for a Single Variable

How to Select Statistics for a Single Variable

Research tools 11 January 2020

What are the different statistics available for a single variable? Selecting statistics for a single variable depends of the type of variable: nominal, ordinal, or interval. View article

What is TURF Analysis and When to Use It?

What is TURF Analysis and When to Use It?

Research tools 18 November 2019

TURF analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) is a statistical technique that ranks combinations of products by how many people will like these combinations. View article

Example Conjoint Report on Ice-cream

Example Conjoint Report on Ice-cream

Research tools Case studies 2 October 2019

Example conjoint analysis report for preferences in ice-cream cones. View article

Offsetting carbon emissions in market research

Automate Your Market Research to Offset Carbon

Strategy and innovation Research tools 30 September 2019 is now offsetting carbon emissions with every purchase of our automated market research platform. Find out why. View article

How to Test Claims for Consumer Products

How to Test Claims for Consumer Products

Research tools Strategy and innovation 1 May 2019

Claims testing is a research methodology that allows you to identify the most convincing claims for your brand or product category. Learn about types of claims and the ways to test them in this introduction to claims research. View article

Dual Negative-Positive Scale

Dual Negative-Positive Scale

Research tools 30 October 2018

Dual negative-positive scale asks respondents to provide answers as either a positive or negative rating on a 1-5 scales. Results are calculated using the formula: Overall Score = Mean of positive questions - Mean of negative questions. View article

Methodology Behind Claims Test

Methodology Behind Claims Test

Research tools 24 September 2018

The methodology behind our Claims Test tool is based on a proven choice-based technique & was refined through multiple projects for FMCG brands. Learn more here! View article

Gabor-Granger or Van Westendorp?

Gabor-Granger or Van Westendorp?

Pricing research Research tools 3 June 2018

With so many pricing research methodologies out there, how do you know which is the right one for you? View article

Beta version is coming out next week

Beta version is coming out next week

Research tools 29 September 2016

Conjoint analysis has been around for a fairly long time, it is widely used in marketing research, and is taught at almost every marketing course. Yet, when it comes to implementing it in practice, there is a surprising lack of available tools that can help you do that. View article