What are jobs?

Throughout this API, many of the actions will create a “job” when triggered. A job is created when the API is asked to perform at task that is not instantly completable. When this occurs, the API will create a job to continue processing the task in the background, while also giving an immediate response back to the user.

When a job is created, it is assigned a jobId. This is a unique identifier that is part of the immediate response given back to the user. This can then be used check the status of the job. Once a job has been completed successfully, checking the status of the job will return the output of the original request.

For example, creating a Market Test requires backend processing, meaning that the task can not be executed instantly. This means that after a POST is sent to create the experiment, the user instantly receives a jobId, while the experiment continues to be created in the back end. Checking the status of the job is checked after the job is completed will give the user the desired output of the original command - the id to the successfully launched experiment.