Survey platform with easy-to-use advanced tools and expert support

Gain actionable insights with the Conjointly all-in-one survey research platform, access to millions of respondents, support from experienced researchers, and easy-to-use advanced tools such as conjoint analysis, AI summary of open-ended text, and monadic tests.

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A great team of researchers to work with

Conjointly has been an amazing partner for us to ensure that our studies are statistically valid, have great user experience, and target the right audience. Throughout our projects together they work with us to make sure any and all questions are answered and in a timely manner. We love working with Conjointly, their tools and people are amazing, and we can’t wait to work more with them in the future!

Founder & Managing Partner
Magic Layer Analytics

Working with Conjointly was a truly agile experience. Mondelez used the platform for an important PPA project for one of our core product lines. The expertise gave us the confidence to make several critical product decisions for the business.

Shopper Insights Lead
Mondelēz International, Melbourne, Australia

Conjointly is very user-friendly and easy to use. It also has simplistic rules which are easy to implement.

Computer software firm, United States

Have used Conjointly for my personal research submitting for conferences. It is easy to use, practical, and suitable for people from different backgrounds. The analysis made from website is very nice and easy to understand. The staff replies so fast that you could continue your work soon.


Conjointly is an extremely easy-to-use solution to run quick & cost-effective conjoint studies. They have fantastic customer service - always open to feedback and willing to help with any questions or concerns. Overall, we’ve had an extremely positive experience with Conjointly and consistently use them when we run conjoint studies.

Senior Research Manager
Market Research Firm, Canada

Conjointly provided a powerful tool that made it easy to design and start a conjoint analysis study. Designing the conjoint analysis is very easy and intuitive and while doing that, Conjointly provides estimates of important statistics such as sample size needed to help along. The customer service helped me out when I had specific questions about the underlying statistics.

Faculty Research Assistant
South Korea

All-in-one survey platform

Trusted by global brands, Conjointly has all the features you expect from a survey platform. What’s more, it streamlines finding respondents, translation of survey questions and respondents' answers, subgroup analysis, and direct exports to PowerPoint.

All-in-one survey platform
Easy-to-use advanced tools

Easy-to-use advanced tools

Conjointly brings the best out of time-tested survey research methods, packaging them into simple tools for discrete choice methods (conjoint analysis), Van Westendorp, Gabor-Granger, monadic concept testing, and more.

Quality-first sampling

Reliable market research starts with quality sample. With access to millions of consumer research participants, tailored predefined panels, manual and automatic quality checks, we prioritise quality and deliver on speed and cost.

Quality-first sampling
Accessible support

Accessible support

Conjointly offers accessible and reliable support to users of self-serve tools and on-demand custom projects. Our team are the go-to experts in product and pricing research techniques with experience across consumer goods, healthcare, SaaS, and other industries.

A straightforward process to get to reliable customer insights faster

Design a study in your own time

Conjointly makes it easy to launch your research project. Even for sophisticated techniques like conjoint analysis, and multi-country projects thanks to automated and professional translations.

Watch how it works

Launch and collect data in days, not weeks

Source respondents that meet your target definitions through global consumer panels, quality-assured through both automated and manual quality control.

Getting participants

Analyse reports generated in minutes

Powered by marketing science, Conjointly automatically analyses and presents data via manager-friendly dashboards. Export your results directly into PowerPoint and Excel for sharing with colleagues.

Viewing reports